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Crash/Highway Bars Crash Bars



Fat Tanks at 700 E. Taft Avenue #11, Orange, CA 92865 (714) 282-9175 or call Dale toll-free at 1-(800) 582-2274. Progressive Shocks


General: JC Whittney Bike Catalog things for Gold Wings, may have some use.


Glasses: Panoptix glasses.


Lights Lights signal lights.

The H3 Halogen lights are the ones sold, as after market options,

for the GL1500 Gold Wing's. It is the Maxtel Modle LF-888. I secured it to
my Hondaline windshield by using two Stanley "L" brackets purchased at
the local hardware store. I provided voltage through a relay and
protected the circuit with A 15A fuse. I mounted a small plastic
bracket, with a mini toggle switch, below the left side turn signal
assembly. The whole assembly cost me about $80.00. Regards, Arnie

Trailers/Camping: Trailers Trailers All kinds of trailers, camping stuff.


Misc: Bumper Dumper Locks Trike Attachment