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The best place I have found is in Boaz Al. It's called The Leather Outlet.and is run by Bill and Janet Reynolds. They really cater to bikers. Give them a call at (256)593-0092. They always have a lot of jackets and vests and chaps in stock in just about all sizes. All quality stuff too.

Richard (95 ACE)

I buy from These folks are bike savvy, have really excellent quality, and reasonable prices. I have had my wifes jacket custom made by them.... great job too!.

Whiplash 98 ACE T-D

Cooling/Heating Vest Information: Canadian military, air-cooling vest Phase-change vest ($250-400) Ice Pak vest ($209), Ice-chilled water circulated ($285) Misty Mate, water mister ($20-50) [$13 at Sam's] Sue's page, recipe for Electric Vests, etc.,