A Fair and Comprehensive Plan for Immigration Reform

by Marc "Merlin" Mauss (AKA ShadowMerlin)


Step 1.

 Make it easy to get temporary work permits/visas. These will be for no more than one year and cannot be renewed. Someone who had one may apply for another after being back in his home country for a minimum of three months. These permits/visas will be available in a quantity to be adjusted by our country's needs.

They are here to WORK. That means they can avail themselves of medical care and benefits of that nature, but cannot collect welfare, etc. They must pay taxes and can take all deductions anyone else can, but cannot receive refunds of more than they paid.

Step 2.  

 Secure the border. No joke - REALLY secure it. This includes tracking entries and exits.

Step 3.

Require e-verify. For ALL employers, ALL employees, including current employees. Heavy fines for violating employers, increasing for repeat violations. The fifth violation becomes a felony.

Step 4.

Give assistance to anyone here illegally who wants to self-deport. Those who self-deport will not be penalized in any way. They may apply through normal channels for any kind of entry to which they are entitled, but they do not move to the front of the line. They have to wait like anyone else.

We don't have to go looking for violators, but if they are found, for example via e-verify or run-ins with the law, they will first receive whatever penalty is appropriate for their crimes and will then be deported. Anyone who is so (involuntarily) deported will never be allowed back in.

Anyone who was brought here while under 15 years of age and before 1/1/2010, will be given a 2-year visa, which is renewable one time, for a total of four years. At any time during that four years, they can request restricted permanent residence, which will be granted if they demonstrate (true) English proficiency and in-depth knowledge and understanding of American history. The limitations on their residency will be (1) that they will never be eligible for citizenship (and, hence, cannot vote) and (2) that they can not sponsor others to come here.

That is about as comprehensive as any plan I've heard. It allows those who want to come here to work to do so. It accommodates those who were brought here as children. It does not reward anyone for violating our laws, and it protects Americans.