Installation of a Utopia Backrest
on a Voyager 1300

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It took about two weeks from the time I placed my order until the parts arrived.  I installed the backrest the same day.  The total time for installation was just over two-and-a-half hours, including a trip to Home Depot to pick up the right size staples.

My only complaint about the installation instructions is that I didn't find the sentence that tells you that the "Peel and Stick Boot" (step 6) is shipped inside the backrest pouch.  It does say that, but it's not obvious.  As I said, tht's my ONLY complaint.


Here's what the bike looked like before I started

These are the parts - The backrest bar and the backrest itself, including the removable pouch.
Un-numbered Instruction:

 Remove seat from motorcycle.


Un-numbered Instruction:

Remove any seat brackets.

Un-numbered Instruction:

Remove all staples holding on seat cover.

No picture of this step.  I found it very easy, using a very small screwdriver to lift each staple and then needle-nose pliers to pull out (with a twisting motion) the staple.



Un-numbered Instruction:

Remove seat cover and foam.

Step 1:

Install Custom Backrest Bar.  Lay in place.  Mark through holes in bar and drill 9/32" holes.  Install bolts through lock washer, flat washer, seat base and screw tightly into custom bar.

I drilled the holes in exactly the right places, but apparently drilled one on a slightly wrong angle, so I had to lengthen the hole slightly.  No big deal.

Step 2:

Mark center of foam in appropriate area, by lining up foam along side seat base with bar now installed.  Cut slit in foam about 1 1/2" wide, all the way through the bottom of foam.


Step 3:

Slide foam over installed bar. Tube should be close to level with the surface of foam.

Step 4:

Install cover completely.  Do not cut slit in cover till completely installed.  Feel for tube, under cover.


This picture shows stapling the cover back into place.

Step 5:

Carefully make slit to allow tube to come through the now-installed cover.  DO NOT CUT ANY THREADS WHERE COVER IS SEWN TOGETHER.  Cut no wider than necessary.

Step 6:

Bend and shape the Peel and Stick Boot and install.

Un-numbered Instruction:

Install backrest to tube with bolt provided.  Install seat, adjust backrest for comfort, and "TAKE A RIDE!"


Another picture of above.
Completed installation.
Completed installation.  You can see the removable pouch behind the backrest.
Completed installation.  The pouch attaches with velcro under the (slightly raised in this picture) flap and the strap from the pouch goes around the backrest post, where it's hidden but provides additional security to make sure the pouch doesn't detach in the wind.
Backrest, folded, showing bracket, with pouch removed.
Backrest, folded.