I've compiled the following list of discounts offered to MSF Instructors.  This info came from email messages to the list, and I take no responsibility for accuracy.

If you find any of this information to be inaccurate, or if you know of other discounts available to us, please email me at marc@shadowriders.org

Updated 2/14/12


Accessories International (http://www.accessoryinternational.com/)  Discount will vary depending on their markup on individual items.  I've been dealing with these guys for more than seven years and have found their prices to be among the best around, even without an MSF discount.  They are HONEST and RELIABLE!!  Phone them at (888) 725-3679 and speak only to Al (the owner).  Identify yourself as a RC and be prepared to fax him a copy of your ID card.

AEROSTICH - 10% on riding apparel; cordura & armoured, & accessories; I've been given 10% on my entire order,so....http://www.aerostich.com provide instructor number when ordering. This web site DOES NOT contain information on the discount. 800-222-1994 (catalog is a must-have!)


AMERICAN ROADRIDER  (http://www.americanroadrider.com/) - We are pleased to give 10% off HeadSkin of Choice - place order on toll free order line (800-600-1358) and identfiy as MSF instructor.

Again, thanks, Del


15% discount for MSF Instructors on communication systems.
Call TopGear 888/851-4327.

                                                      by Tony Trama 9/08


BELL Helmets
35-65% depending... (Caution - surf mail order; can probably meet/beat prices)
e-mail bellhelmets@earthlink.net

949-476-3150 Erin or Scott to discuss the style, graphic, color etc. to determine the price. Be prepared to provide your instructor number. This web site DOES NOT contain information on the discount.


Best Back Braces


I am a Rider Coach in Delaware.  I purchased a BestBack brace at Delmarva Bike Week and the CEO, Dominic Colangelo, asked that I extend a 30% off of retail discount to all MSF certified rider coaches.  Their corporate offices are in Germantown, MD, and the phone number to call is 301-545-6740.  They may ask for a faxed copy of a current certification card.  View their great product at www.best-back.com.





Bike Bandit has a great website for OEM and Accessory parts for all bikes, www.BikeBandit.com
I recently placed an order and inquired if they offered a Rider Coach discount.  The email response I received said they would waive the shipping costs...pretty substantial in today's economy.
                                                                                  (by Dave Comfort)


If you want a real discount on some good luggage, call Chase Harper. They gave  
50% their products for instructors. Just have to call them or email them.


California Sport Touring - Discounts Vary (typically very good. i.e. 25% on Autocom). www.CaSportTouring.com  Motorcycling Accessories Dealer: Helmets, bags, luggage, clothing, gloves, springs, shocks, shields, bar risers, and more. Call for price. Kim Leong  888-799-5445;  925-229-5000  Fax 925-229-5450  email:Sales@CaSportTouring.com.  May require copy of current MSF Instructor card.


Comagination (Headlight Modulators)
Phil <sales@comagination.com> tells us:
Your cost for the sS115H4 headlight modulator will be 49.95 + s/h/i. (not 69.95).
We must provide proof of status.

Conspicuity offers distributor prices to Instructors

They have some great stuff including a vest with a retro-reflective American flag on the back. (last one in the first section [Super See Me Vests] at  http://www.conspicuityinc.com/ConspicWeb/CatNavFrame1.htm )

They offer discounts not only to us, but also to our students as long as WE are the ones who make the group purchases.

I have a complete listing of their discounted prices, but it's too big to put up here.  One of these, when I'm feeling energetic, I'll put it up as a a separate page and link this to it.

Personally, I LOVE the vest with the flag.  It has a permanent home on my riding jacket - they go on and off as a single unit.

The discounts run somewhere around 25-30%.

Contact info: 847-697-4550.  


Custom Dynamics  (http://www.customdynamics.com 10% discount on their custom motorcycle lights.  Either place your order by phone (919-554-0949) or call them for a discount code to use when ordering on-line.


www.cycleemporium.com offers a 10% instructors' discount

If you have a local Cycle Gear store, they will offer 35% discount on
select items (I believe they said tires and jackets didn't count for
35%) for card-carrying instructors.

Conflicting info, but good either way:

Cycle Gear gives a 30% discount on everything except tires
which is 20% off. http://cyclegear.com/
Contact your nearest store and give them your instructor #.

5/16/2011: the cycle gear discount is 30% off most items and 15% off tires.


Daytona Helmets

I just received word that, yes we can offer all the MSF Instructors a 10% discount with the proof of a current MSF Instructor Card. The discount or coupon code will be “MSF”.
Thank you again for your patience in this matter and we look forward to serving your motorcycle safety needs here in the near future!


Daytona Helmets
800-452-5745 Ext. 306



Draggin' Jeans  says:

We offer 10% off for rider coaches. You can place your order online, but the online order will not reflect the discount. Just type in your Coach # in the comments section, and we will take care of the discount when actually charging the card. Thanks and have a great day!

Fast Company Dist.
                                                (by Tony Trama 8/08)


We also get a standing discount @ http://www.electricalconnection.com/
they give 15%-20% plus free shipping. Good products, I deal with Lewis
over there


Ehlert Publishing Group  (magazines)

As a MSF Instructor, I have been receiving two copies, per issue, of two great motorcycle magazines to share with my students.  The magazine titles are  Rider, American Rider and  Cruising Rider.  I find having magazines for students to peruse while waiting for class to begin is very helpful.  I have also received permission to copy some articles for my students.

This offer is good for all MSF instructors.  If anyone else is interested, the contact person is Bernadette Wohlman at 763-383-4400 or bwohlman@ehlertpublishing.com

Let her know which magazines you are interested in and she will set you up to receive any or all of the magazines.

I contacted Bernadette, and she has asked me to post this.



FogTech  advanced anti-fog solution from www.fogtech.com  - Their web page indicates free samples for "safety professionals", but they're also extending a 30% discount to us.

YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS when you order from the website or the discount will not be calculated:   

On the payment page, enter "Rider Coach" into the box as the coupon name   and click the button.  That is important.  If you don’t click the button and just go next, you will not see the discount.


Contact Gene Menzies (gene@motosolutions.com).

2/21/2011:  Just to let you know I went to place an order with FogTech, followed the instructions but when I went to check out I got a message that read “this discount has expired”.  

I emailed “Gene Menzies” about the discount. He contacted me and said yes the discount had expired and he hadn’t renewed it since no one asked. Since I asked…he renewed it. I placed my order on 2/21/2011 and received the Ridercoach discount.


Frogg Toggs Raingear - 25% discount. www.froggtoggs.com 800-349-1835  Waterproof, breathable, windproof outerwear.  This is a new discount (2002) and the order taker may not know - tell them you want the discount for motorcycle instructors. If they question it - mention the discount was approved by Neil Eggers.

4/05 - discount increased to 35%. as per [see below]. 1-800-349-1835,

11/17/2010 - I am passing on some info regarding the Frogg Togg instructor discount listing we use in Connecticut. Today I received an email from Neil Eggers and he asked to have the "discount approved by" name changed to Drake Maples.  I assume all other info remains the same.

6/3/2011: Just got off the phone with Frogtogs customer service and they say they no longer offer a discount for MSF Instructor / rider coaches, and haven't for a few years



GearUpHelmets.com offers MSF Ridercoaches discounts on their riding gear. In order to receive the discounts, go to their website, www.gearuphelmets.com, complete your order and at the end put the code MSF you will receive the MSF discount on all of your items. 


Geico Insurance offers an MSF Instructor discount on motorcycle policies. www.geico.com

I just had an extensive discussion with Geico. Apparently their rules are
set by the state, not by them, and Georgia says that if the bike is used AT ALL in business (e.g. to demo A SINGLE ERC EXCERCISE), it must be registered as commercial vehicle. I did NOT discuss any other state, but this really issomething that needs to be looked at.

Gerbing Electrics

we give 15% off for MSF instructors, and are the only company to offer  a lifetime warranty on the electric's. Also the only company to custom make sizes at no extra cost ,and provide the warmest heat. Looking forward to keeping you warm.

--Thank You, Jeff Gerbing Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Inc.


Heat-Troller -- 20% discount to MSF Instructors -- click here for details

Helmet House    
See below under  "Tourmaster".


HJC helmets no longer offers us a discount, however, Helmet House (Tourmaster, Cortech, etc.) one of  the primary distributors of HJC helmets, takes VERY good care of us.

20% off to instructors/coaches

20% off to instructors/coaches

                                      ICON MSF Rider Coach Program

 ICON High visibility “Mil Spec” vest

-         Fighter mesh chassis for maximum airflow

-         Available with “RiderCoach”, “Instructor”, or “ICON” printed on back

-         Front & back reflective taping

-         Removable ID holder

-         Storage pockets

-         Adjustable fit

-         2 sizes available S-L and XL-3XL

-         Secret good luck charm 

 The ICON “Mil Spec” vest, high visibility vest is specifically designed to pass all military requirements for a mandatory reflective vest without looking like a construction worker.

 We at ICON are proud to offer MSF Rider Coaches this special purchase 50% off regular retail on this product only. Allowing you to receive this $55 item for only $27.50 + tax and shipping.               




















            FRONT                            BACK                      BACK                       BACK                         BACK 


Orders may be placed by fax at (608) 758-1097 or by email at info@rideicon.com. No orders can be placed over the phone. Orders will not be accepted without a current valid MSF Rider Coach Card on file here at ICON. For your convenience, here is a link to retrieve an order form. *********Just print, fill out and fax it or fill out all of the highlighted areas and send it from your email system.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (608) 758-1111 ext 4998 M-F 10am-8pm central standard time or email us at info@rideicon.com.  

KILLER HATS CO. (http://www.killerhats.com)- 10% discount with your id card. 
I spoke to these guys at Americade, 2008.  
They have some REALLY nice hats that are great on the range.

headlight and taillight modulators, tire pressure monitors, etc 15% to instructors, 10% to students!
orders 888-GO4-kisan This web site DOES NOT contain information on the discount.


Leatt would like to offer our Moto GPX braces at a 50% discount to all current RiderCoaches.




MCN subscriptions - $19/year (same offer aswe hand out to students, just
write instructor/coach on the card) Thanx, Fred!

MOTOLIGHT www.motolight.com
1 set per instructor number. MSF # must be provided with order.

Clarification:  $35 discount on 1 set per instructor.

MOTONATION www.motonation.com
SIDI High Performance Boots

We do offer a discount for MSF instructors it is 25% off of retail.  All
I need is a copy of your Instructor card either faxed or emailed to me.

Thank you,
Kyle Smith
Rider Support

1100 North Magnolia Ave ste A
El Cajon, CA, 92020

Phone: (619)401-4100
Fax: (619)401-4108
Voice: (877) 789-4940

MOTOPORT riding apparel, cordura and armoured. 30% - nice catalog, nice choice of rainsuits


800-777-6499 to request free catalog fax 800-766-6661 Per MOTOPORT: "fax in a copy of your instructor card and drivers license so we can set you up in our system as a MSF instructor, thereby granting you the 30% discount. We also need your complete address and phone no. Fax everything to Motoport at 1-800-766-6661"


I talked to Motoport (Cycleport) today. They offer 15% off on inhouse manufactured items, and 20% on imports



3/4/11:  I wanted to let you know that MotorCycle Superstore will not offer MSF instructors a discount anymore. 


Per our conversation this morning I am willing to offer you and your list of contacts a 5% discount on all orders that you place here with motorcycle-superstore.com. I will need to get an email or fax of your certification and once we verify the information I will contact you to place the order as the 5% has to be taken manually from the system.

If there is anything else that I can help you with please let me know.

Thank you

Alishia Thomas
Customer Service Manager

Toll Free: 877-668-6872
Fax: 541-227-0046


Motorcycle Training Supplies (formerly Garrett Diversified)  

 - - - IMPORTANT - - -  click here to see a complaint about this vendor.


I just talked to someone at www.motoringadgets.com and they gave me an instructor's discount (15%)  on a transponder holder they sell called a zip pass.  Its not too much but its something!!!

OLYMPIA       (From Bill Harrington)

I spoke to Kevin, the owner of Olympia Motorsports today and he is offering us 20% on their products. They have a really nice one-piece suit in Hi-Vis that I am going to buy. He would prefer that we check the dealer locator on the site and purchase from local if possible, but if there are no dealers in the area he will work with us direct. The site is www.olympiamotosports.com  


(Click anywhere on the ad to go to their site.)


     Yes, we do offer a courtesy 15% discount to all MSF instructors.  If you place an order online you just need to mention you are an instructor and put your [RC] number and we will apply the discount when we process the order. 

http://www.roadgear.com e-mail: jody@roadgear.com



From: Joleen Hawks <joleen@scorpionusa.com>
Date: Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 5:15 PM
Subject: RE: Consumer inquiry from scorpionusa.com
To: Steven Longstreet <slongstreet@gmail.com>

We do offer an MSF instructor discount. We need a copy of the MSF card and we can issue a 25% discount.

Joleen Hawks
Scorpion Sports, Inc.
West Coast Inside Sales Support
949-421-2057 Direct Line
949-334-9701 Fax

  The Service Pavilion - www.theservicepavilion.com "The Most Specialized Arai Helmets Dealer in the Americas" 15% off MSRP for current MSF instructors. Custom fitment provided for every person we do busienss with. Please ask for Brianna or Robert when calling. 610-960-2245 or email robert@theservicepavilion.com  Let us know you're an MSF Instructor and provide us with instructor number to recieve the discount. Stop by our shop or contact us to go through the custom fitment process.  

SHOEI HELMETS   (also see  Tour master)

We give half off to MSF instructors.  You will need to e-mail me a copy of your MSF card and drivers license, along with what helmet you want, where you want it shipped, and either a Visa or MasterCard.  
Patrick Houlihan
Racing Services Specialist
Technical Advisor
Shoei Safety Helmet Corp.                  
Tel: 714-730-0941 ext 105




Sound Rider offers us a 15% discount OR free shipping, whichever benefits us more.

You must fax them a copy or your current instructor certificate.  YOu can contact them at:

Sound RIDER!
2226 Eastlake Avenue East
Suite 69
Seattle, WA 98102

206-362-3027 Fax

As per Tom 8/2/07

STARCUSHION.COM  I just obtained a discount for RiderCoaches with a company that produces a seat cushion product called the Freedom Air.  
This cushion was recently written up in Motorcycle Consumer News this summer. They have models for sport touring bikes and cruiser style. 
For a Rider Coach to get a 10% discount they should fax a copy of the MSF certification card to Kevin Fraser, fax # 618-539-7073.

                            (by John Ringhoffer 7/08)


 also, see "Helmet House" (above)

  Because proper safety gear is an integral part of motorcycle training, Helmet House, distributor of Tour Master/Cortech apparel, gloves, rain suits and luggage as well as Shoei & HJC Safety Helmets, is pleased to offer you an opportunity to purchase these products direct. 

To view what is available please log on to www.tourmaster.com , clicking on “Links” will show you additional products available to you. 


This offer is made to you under the following conditions:


1.  Must be for the express use of the instructor.

2.  Have a current MSF instructor certificate.

a.     This must be faxed to the distributor at time of order.

3.  Credit card sales only. No C.O.D. or checks. (Visa or MasterCard)

4.  Freight to be paid by instructor.


Pricing is at a special MSF discount.

[Note from Merlin:  FYI - I've found the discounts to range between 30% and 40%] 

Call 1 (800) 421-7247.  *Dial 1 for customer service  

(Click here to see a review of the Tourmaster Cortech jacket.)



updated 8/21/07

TwistedThrottle.com currently offers a 10% discount on products we import and distribute to the following individuals:

o Currently active MSF instructors; and
o Media test riders, writers, and editors working for a limited number of nationally marketed print magazines.

Upon request, we will provide free reflective "Twisted Throttle" safety stickers to MSF instructors when placing an order. These stickers are provided for distribution to students.

This discount is offered only to outfit bikes owned by the industry professional. Verifiable written proof of active employment in these positions and bike ownership is required to receive this discount. Twisted Throttle Ltd reserves the right to extend this discount on a limited case-by-case basis.

Those interested in an industry professional discount must contact TwistedThrottle.com to receive discount pre-approval prior to placing the order. Applications for a discount submitted after the order is placed will not be considered.


US Superbikes.com www.ussuperbikes.com
offers a WIDE range of products, generally at 10% over cost, to MSF Instructors.

Contact Randy at sales@ussuperbikes.com

VANSON LEATHERS www.vansonleathers.com
offers a 25% discount for MSF Instructors

WHITEHORSE PRESS www.whitehorsepress.com
10% discount to MSF instructors & students.
Rita Roy @ rita@whitehorsepress.com

WIDDER heated riding apparel 20%

http://www.widder.com/msf.htm for discount info
e-mail widder@widder.com

This web site DOES contain information on the discount.

Works Performance Products

I wanted to pass along that I have recently made a purchase from Works Performance Products Inc and they offered a 10% discount on my shock purchase for being a MSF RiderCoach.  They do have a website and here is some other contact information.

21045 Osborne St Canoga Park , Ca. 91304   ph. 818-701-1010