Foxee's Victoria Falls and surrounding area tour. Interestinger and interestinger!


outside of the abandoned mine in the Porc. Mts

American flag located at the shores of Lake Superior at Peterson's Resort
over by Ontonogan

good look at Lake of the Clouds

view of one of the restored houses at Victoria Falls

Alex's cabin at Victoria Falls

inside of a finish sauna. The rocks are heated and water sprinkled on them to create steam. This is the way they bathed back then. Heat opens the pores and sweat brings the dirt out. I suppose running out in the snow naked afterwards, not only got the grime off of you and into the snow, but cooled you down....

me at Bon Falls. It is there that I have seen everything. Going back up the stairs I seen this dingy ol' lady carrying this little dog inside of a frontal baby carrier. The dog was facing me and it was cross eyed and tongue hanging out the side. This lady not only cut a hole in the carrier so its little dingling could hang out, but one for it's tail too. What people won't do for pets.....make the damn thing walk..sheesh..

an old cookstove. I have one like it in my basement, the one in the pic is in better shape. The guide was very knowledgeable, but kept on griping about her ex-husband and how lazy he is. She is single guys if you are interested.

me at Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains

me inside one of the abandoned cabins at Old Victoria next to Rockland, MI

Adrian inside an abandoned cave partially down Porcupine Mt. on Hwy 107.