D&B Restored!

For all those who have waited breathlessly for the latest innovations to Donner und Blitzen, sometimes known as Raggedy Shadow, here's the latest--a reincarnation of how she looked a year ago. Replaced the touring fairing with the NC Ranger tombstone I bought for it a couple years ago, and dropped the front turn signals to accomodate. Less visible in the pic, I pulled the plastichrome vented horn covers and went back to the originals, which are black and chrome with plastichrome rims.

Also gone, my Sam Elliott mustache. I liked to let the hair grow down over the top of my lip and it got to where it was so getting so long that in a strong highway wind it was flip and fly back up my nose. Maybe next winter I'll try it again.

If you look close, you can see the belt buckle Deerslayer made for me and sent as a gift after staying here over Memorial Day. He picks out nice stones, polishes them and mounts them in complementary settings. He made the Barbster a pendant. Beautiful--both very nice. The buckle matches perfectly with this belt I just had made by the village cobblers, a couple of pals. 'Slayer, you met 'em here the night you arrived.

Danke, 'Slayer. Much appreciated.