I went for a ride on Saturday (June 15, 2002) up to Pemberton and along the Duffey Lake Rd to Lillooet. I stopped along the way to help a rider pull his bike out of the creek... he had gone too hot into a turn, missed "his line" and gone off "into the rhubarb". Lillooet was 90 degrees in the shade when I stopped there for gas and they said that 4 days before it had been cold enough to snow. From Lillooet I headed up towards Cache Creek climbing up outta Lillooet I stopped to take a photo. Stopped at the Pavilion General Store site (1st General store in B.C.) where it used to be before it burned down. saw the original trading post and noted that it had had the windows busted out and that the local tribe has let it fall to sh*t. I guess there's no money to be made off it, so they could care less. I gotta tell you, that pissed me off real good. I headed on towards Cache Creek and then down the Fraser Canyon towards home... a gorgeous day, and a day ride long over due. 470 miles, 11 hours all in all a great day! by the way that last picture should read trading post and it was built in 1862.