Pictures by Matt

Here's 2 pics of my Lovely 84' VT700C Shadow at home in Austin, TX. The flames are very cool! They reflect from a dark charcoal color to bright silver when light is shone on them from a certain angle, most any angle really. It gives a really cool effect at night making the bike faster(as all flames do haha) and even adding a safety factor of being easier to see at night. I have a new set of baffleless slip-ons on the bike now(not in the pictures) They have a really great bark to them.

I have a great story on how I got the bike. I found it on ebay and it just so happened that the guy selling it lived ten minutes from where I live. It had been sitting for a year or so and wasn't running and there was a fuel problem. So naturally I rebuilt the carbs and traced down the fuel situation. He gave me an extra fuel pump that he thought was broken, I just swaped that one out with the one in the bike and that was all it took. I bought the bike from him for $750! Now here's the kicker. Two days after I got it all legal and on the road, an old lady cut me off and I T-Boned her at a low speed. No injuries to me but I bent the front forks and scratched up a few other things. All said and done, I got a check from her insurance company that more than paid for what I had in the bike and what it'd cost for me to fix the damage myself! I was one happy camper!

I've used that extra money for spucing the bike up more with goodies from an alarm system to saddlebags and so much more. Next on my list is a good pair of chrome/rubber hand grips. Best of all, when it comes to selling time to help fund my tuition bills the bike will be almost pure profit:) I'll drink to that haha. Take care yall!