Pictures By Foxee

A scene from The Land That Time Forgot

Another scene from The Land That Time Forgot

There's Pops on my Shadow testing it out. He says it's too light, but he can handle it.

This is one I call the Three Caballeros. It does kinda look like they are going to the OK Corral for the gunfight as well.

This one is Unca n Pops looking at Unca's Shadow.

Another scene from Monday's (5/27/02) Memorial Day Ride. Pops tries out Unca's Shadow too!

This is a flag on top of what I believe is a ham radio antennae. True enough - looks to me like a 2meter quad with a discone on top for a scanner - Chip/KC4VBT

Fred said this was a one-horse town. I guess he's right.

This was the road around Yellowstone Lake State Park. It was definitely worth the ride around. I think I will convince P to bring the kids there to camp.