Pictures by Unca:

Here's a selection from a Memorial Day weekend over and back along the upper Mississippi, Minnesota to Wisconsin and back. Pics are all from the second half of a 300-mile ride--the Minnesota side. Barbi complained later that I was "going too fast" to stop and enjoy any scenery in Wisconsin. Wahl, hell, it were the first decent roads, certainly the first curves and hills, I've seen since moving to the Twin Cities last November. In a Sunday supplement of the Minneapolis Times-Tribune a week ago, somebody named this stretch of the Mississippi as the third most attractive "getaway spot" in the country. Hell, I've known that for a long time, but here I bin' thinkin' it's a well-kept secret. The city, by the way, is Winona, MN, which lies just across the river from Trempealeau, WI, one of my all-time favorite spots. The last one is a shot I took recently of the wetland adjacent to our house on the Great Northern Plains.