Pictures by Unca Freddie:

On 8/29, X-Man, the Barbster and I took an 80-mile ride from New Glarus to Rock Springs in the northwest corner of the Baraboo Range to visit the Van Hise Monolith, about the oldest geological find in North America, estimated at 1.6 billion years. A couple of these pics show plaques that explain most of it. Once upon a time, the general area was an ocean, then a mountain range, and today a group of tallish hills we call the Baraboo Range.

X-Man, Unca and the Barbster

State Highway 136, Rock Springs to Reedsburg. The rock is just to the right of the pic.

The rock, aka, Van Hise Monolith.

Marker near the rock.

Plaque on the rock.

The Barbster.


The Barbster and the X-Man. (Note the X-Man's $18,000/1800cc Excelsior Henderson motorcycle.)