Day Two

On the Ferry across Lake Champlain

Day Two of our trek dawned with clear skies and cool temperatures. After the obligatory picture session. (The source of the individual pictures on page one) We traveled up the road to a lovely little restaurant called the "Biscuit". After taking over their rear dining room and harassing Tara (our waitress) we set out to conquer Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Our apologies to Tara, your picture seems to have gotten lost)

Following Rt. 74 we crossed Lake Champlain on a lovely little ferry, we then followed some wonderful roads across the rolling farmland that makes up northern Vermont. Accompanied by the wafting scent of "natural fertilizer" we sped across the countryside like a mile long twelve-wheeled beast. Following Rt.7 to Rte 125 we crossed through Middlebury, Vt and enjoyed some of the finest scenery and twisty, hilly roads that Vermont has to offer. Just before reaching Ludlow, we pickup Rt 100 and head north to Rt.2. Rt 100 is a constantly curving, well paved road that allows reasonable speeds and offers vistas of waterfalls, farms and woodland scenery. Rte 2, more of a main artery than previous roads, takes us through Montpelier, the capitol of the state, and on to St Johnsbury. Here we connect with Rt 116. Rt 116 leads us to Moore Reservoir, where we cross into New Hampshire. After a brief stop to allow those daring(or foolish) souls to stow their helmets, we continue into Littleton, NH. A charming little town, boasting 1 traffic light, it affords us a chance to stop and have lunch at the "Littleton Diner". As we ate we assessed our situation, and decide that due to the time being later than expected we would head south instead of continuing east. We would try to find a place to stay near Lake Winnipasaukee, rather than trying to make the Maine coast.

Briefly following Rt 93, we snake through the western edge of the White Mountains, and Franconia Notch. This stretch of roads affords us spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, in all of their natural beauty. Picking up Rt 3, we follow it down the western edge of Lake Winnipasaukee, down to the "Weir's Beach" area, home of the "Laconia Motorcycle Rally and Races" for the last 75 years.

Alas, the best laid plans of Mice and Men, oft go awry. Looking in the area for accomodations, we realize that the "New Hampshire International Speedway" at Loudon, NH (Home of the Laconia 200), is hosting the Nascar Truck racing series. There are NO accomodations to be found for 60 miles :-(

We decide to continue toward Maine after all. Following Rt 11 toward Portland, we find all the motels full all the way to Rochester, NH. Fortunately, we are directed to the campus of the University of New Hampshire at Durham. They have a very nice hotel, called the Northern Conference Center?. We FINALLY have a place to stop, and won't end up sleeping next to the bikes (sans camping gear). After a late dinner, most head to bed, a few briefly to the bar. Much needed sleep for all.

Biker Scum
Look ma, no helmet

Lose the Lids
Losing the Lids at the NH border

Lunch at the Littleton Diner

Kristi, our waitress