Maussie trying on a set of spare horns he brought
from NY for Unca's bike.

Vintage Shadows owned by Unca and Maussie, 
Steve's arse, Unca and Maussie by Steve's ACE Tourer.

Similar scenario as 02, Steve standing upright.

Eric and his Kawa.


Aunt Marilyn with "Donner und Blitzen".

 Mike's Spirit, Torque's Royal Star.

Mike, Steve, Tom Porter, Eric, Torque w/back to camera, Maussie, Unca.

 A sight so rare, Aunt Marilyn had to take a picture of it

Closer-up of rare sight. Actually, it was Steve who was standing by closely to see that  Unca didn't torch the spread.

Unca, Auntie, Maussie, Steve, Mike, Torque, Eric.
Photographs courtesy of "Unca Fred"

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