While on my way home from work this morning I got nailed on the motorcycle. His fault but that don't take away the pain and the smashed motorcycle. No broken bones, no cuts to stitch up, just sore all over from being slammed into the street. I saw him approach from the left and I had the right of way, and I knew he didn't see me at all, even though I had three headlights on, so I set the brakes and tried to go around behind him, but as it was pouring down rain and the street was brick (very slippery) I could not stop so I let off the brake so not to hit him moving sideways. I nailed his pickup truck right rear behind the fender. The impact threw me off the bike, I landed in a water puddle in the middle of the intersection and the bike landed on its side down the street. Major damage, but it still runs. Flat tire bent fork and handlebars, gas tank and front fender buckled, crash bar bent and most of the chrome missing, foot peg twisted, mirror broken off, brake master cylinder broken, accelerator cable bent, grip torn off, turn signal light relocated. and the triple tree major kink. Other than that it still doesn't drip oil on the garage floor. The real kicker is

I was going to head out to the Honda Homecoming this weekend. I laid in the street for a minute or so trying to get up and couldn't, some people came over and told me not to move at which point I rolled over and got up. Glasses gone wrist watch gone lunch bucket gone and the contents scattered a half a block. I was just glad to be able to get up. After the rescue squad, ambulance and police left my son and I pushed the cripple home 1 and 1/2 blocks, by this time my shoulder hurt and so did my knee. Tonight I ache from head to toe, but the real tragedy is no one will even look at for an estimate until August 11, too busy. I know that I won't have it riding again until November at that rate. What the H_ _ _ am I going to do without a bike for that long???? CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME????

Well it's evening now and I can't hardly walk so for now I'm OK as I really don't feel like riding but by Monday I'll have to be a cager again, I can't stand it.

There I feel better now.

Pilot Bob

97 (broken) Spirit